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All precedents are billed in GBP, however, if you would like to be billed in an alternative currency, please let us know via email prior to your purchase.


A. Where a precedent contains narrow protector provisions, the protector's consent is required for the addition and exclusion of beneficiaries and for a variation of the terms of the trust by the trustees, and the protector has the power to appoint trustees.

B. Where a precedent contains wide provisions, the protector has similar powers to those mentioned in Note A above, but in addition, the protector's consent is required for the distribution of trust funds.

In addition to theTrusts Direct service, Mourant Ozannes Trusts team can create over 2,000 other combinations of trust terms, which enables them to quickly prepare bespoke trusts to meet the particular requirements of inpidual clients in a cost effective manner. These precedents include settlements under which the settlor reserves wide powers, charitable trusts, non-charitable purpose trusts, and a 'starting point' precedent for a Sharia Law compliant trust.